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About US

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Our past

FMF Metal and Plastics Processing Ltd was founded on the 15th of October 1991, on the lot of a former industrial plant, opened in 1896. Until the early 1960s, the company operated as a milling plant under different ownership, at which time the latter was dismantled and its place was taken by two plants owned by a local, state-managed company with headquarters in the county seat. Activities included the manufacturing of various pressure tanks and buttons for the clothing industry. On the 15th of October 1991, following the change of regime of 1989, the state enterprise was transformed into a privately held limited liability company (abbreviated Ltd, or “Kft.” in Hungarian). After the transformation, shifts in the market caused a decrease in the proportion of buttons (plastic materials) produced, and a definitive rise in the production of welded structures, pressure equipment, and storage tanks. In 1993, the company began mass-producing LPG tanks for the domestic market, i.e. 3 to 100 m3 storage tanks suitable for mounting on trucks, then, starting in 1995, commenced the process of continuous development of its present profile.
The company’s production tools, too, are subject to continuous development and replacement, while its manufacturing area has been steadily expanded over the years, and is currently in the process of enlargement.

Our present

In 2009, due to a process of continuous change in product structure, FMF Ltd’s profile is currently restricted to the manufacture of pressure vessels, primarily for the refrigeration, chemical, and mechanical engineering industries. In 2011 due to the product’s range expansion  we started manufacturing  in a new plant too, with a working area  large of 1000 m2 . Ninety-eight percent of the company’s products are sold abroad. FMF Ltd has direct relationships with eight foreign customers, though its products can be obtained indirectly through all major European multinational companies. The average number of employees at FMF Ltd is 100 to120. Its blue-collar personnel all have vocational training certificates, many for more than one vocational specialisation. FMF Ltd’s white collar employees are qualified engineers and economists, with skills in both German and English. The objective of company management is to satisfy, through its products, all relevant technical and legal requirements (specified by law, regulation, or standards and guidelines) and to meet its customers’ requirements to the greatest possible extent, including demands not included in its contracts, as permitted by the latest technical advances. To this end, the company management has developed a quality management system that is documented and certified in accordance with EN ISO standard 9001:2001.

Our future

FMF Metal and Plastics Processing Ltd’s staff is fully qualified to operate the modern equipment purchased as a result of consistent, general development efforts encompassing the entire company. As a consequence of these improvements, FMF Ltd has succeeded in setting up a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that goes far above the average in terms of both efficiency and quality. For the future, our aim is to continue to satisfy customer demands as fully as possible, to consistently meet deadlines, and to offer high quality at reasonable prices.